About Us

DARGAH ALIA ASHRAFIA was established in 1961 in Karachi and it is the biggest spiritual center of Silsila e Ashrafia across Pakistan.

The 2 renowned Sufi Saints (Syed Muhammad Tahir Ashraf Jilani and Syed Ahmed Ashraf Jilani) have blessed this place by their presence as final resting place. The spiritual guidance from Dargah Alia Ashrafia is illuminating the hearts of followers nationwide and at international level. Countless people have been benefited from this Dargah and their hearts are overflowing with divine love.

The Dargah also comprises of a beautiful Masjid and a Madarsah. The worshipers and students come here and brighten their heart and soul by offering prayers and saving Quran in their hearts respectively. The Dargah also arranges Mehfil e Naat and Mehfil e Samaa which spellbound the followers and they chant Allah o Akbar.